Welcome! My name is Paul. I am a designer and builder of small and simple things.

Your Creations

The nomad camper is being built for homeless by a few folks in California.

Coroplast Backpack

A prototype back pack made with Polypropylene corrugated plastic and zip ties.

Coro Teepee

I quick deployment coroplast shelter

Make willow furniture

It's easy with a few simple tools

The Wheel

Build this simple sumersault wheel. Too fun!

My interests vary from transportation, shelter, survival to boating. My wish is to have you build something, and call it your own...


This is an improved version of my Octagonal Coro teepee. I call this the Coro dome. It's a 42 square foot structure, and because the walls are more vertical I was able create a micro home inside.


DIY creations sent in by people from around the world. Here's Tim Trout's micro Airstream bike camper. He's ready to take it on a trip March 17th. Happy journeys Tim!


This is a high mileage trike idea I've had for many years. Twice now I've tried to build this, but I'm retiring soon and plan on tackling this big project one more time. Stay tuned...


Don't forget to check out my 'Misc.' tab. There, you'll see numerous off-beat Do-it-yourself projects I've made like this PVC selfy stick