Ever since I was a kid my hobby has been drawing new ideas. This website contains over 70 of my prototypes and plans for a few. Under 'Your Creations' I show what others have done as well.

Nomad Bicycle Camper

I used recycled fluted plastic signs, cheap wood and a bicycle for this home on wheels.

Coro box boat

What's 30 pounds, including motor, and goes 6 hours on a gallon of gas?

Mouse trap car

Here is my long distance creaping car, designed to go over 150 feet.

Pedal Car

Fashioned after the Mochet WWII French pedal car. It's a hoot to ride!

Recumbent Scooter

Who says you have to stand up?

Click on any of the above tabs then on the image for more detail. There's lots to see here, so kick back, relax and enjoy your stay!

Latest Project:

Here is a small 3 sheet Burningman foam board shelter perfect for a single or tight double occupancy. With a plywood top you can even sit on top!

YOUR CREATIONS: Tom ONeill's burningman shelter.

Tom wrote to me asking for ideas on a foam board Burningman shelter. I gave him one on the drawig board and Tom did a fine job making it reality! Click on this imagea and check this simple design out!


This is an idea I'd like to follow through with some day. I'm an old camper fan, owning a 1963 Aloha camper. After playing with the idea I realized you can make a half scale semi replica out of coroplast. All my standard features would be enhoused, IE bed, kitchen etc. I think this would be the bomb!


Don't forget to check out my 'Misc.' tab. There, you will see numerous off-beat Do-it-yourself projects, like the 'Busy box' I made for my toddler grandson.