Prepare yourself. This rabbit hole is long and deep...

Homeless Emergency Shelter

A simple no frame fluted plastic multi-purpose shelter.

Hardley Davidson

Illegal as hell, but fun to ride!

Burningman shelters and transportation

Going far and staying cool at Burningman!

Wooden Electric Boat

For a relaxing day on the water...

Gnome home

Change your stump into a Gnome home!

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LATEST PROJECT: Brush cutter that also cuts my lawn

This is my latest project. It started as my weed eater on wheels, It's really meant for cutting tall brush, but I wanted to refine it to also cut my lawn.

Your Creations: Bill's Corotipi

This sent in by Bill Souligny. Bill wrote: Hello - just a note to say how much my grandkids have enjoyed your coroteepee over the Summer. It got looks and comments everywhere we camped. Here is a backyard tryout photo. I didn’t put the plastic bubble in my teepee, but instead, after a couple of nights of the kids sleeping in it, I found it got very wet inside from their breathing at night. So, I cut a small door in the rear about 2/3 of the way up from the bottom, attached some screen material to keep the bugs out, and made it double thick like the main door. Works great as a vent and as a viewing port. Thanks again, Bill.