WELCOME! This non-comercial site showcases my Minimalist Prototypes in Transportation, Boating, Shelters, Survival and More.

Your Creations

Designer and high tech builder Josh Tulberg constructed the amazing 'Rapid Whale'

Micro trike

Small and light, this little guy is a comfy ride.

Homeless Emergency Shelter

A light, durable shelter for under $120 made with 4 sheets of fluted plastic.

High mileage trike

My first attempt constructing a one passenger gas sipper.

Double mower

This and many other of my various ideas under the 'Miscellaneous' tab.

I offer plans for some projects and encourage purchasers to send in photos. These are shown in the 'Your Creations' tab.

My latest project

I've been wanting to make a pint size neoprene wheeled human powered quad for some time now. It's designed for a down-hill or slalom race course. I'm in the thick of making all the bits. Even if it fails I'm having a fun time messing about.

YOUR Creations

The 'Your Creations' tab lists the items that people from around the world have made from my plans. You will see Marco's rendition of my Nomad bicycle camper, and many more shelters and micro boats. Definitely check this tab out!


In this tab I offer about 10 affordable build plans for the DIY'er interested in making their own micro electric or power boat or fluted plastic or foam board micro shelter. There's even plans for a dog house.

My YouTube channel

Most all of my projects have a video link. With over a hundred videos to date, I encourage you to 'Subscribe' so you can keep up with my latest hair brain idea! (Plus the Youtube adds help with project financing :)