My name is Paul Elkins, and this is my website. Welcome!

Nomad Bicycle Camper

I used recycled fluted plastic signs, cheap wood and a bicycle for this home on wheels.

Coro box boat

What's 30 pounds, including motor, and goes 6 hours on a gallon of gas?

Burningman motorized bike.

The Hardley Davidson sure felt like a Harley...

Pedal Car

Fashioned after the Mochet WWII French pedal car. It's a hoot to ride!


A rapid deployment fluted plastic shelter

Here you will find an assortment of my random ideas and one off prototypes. Click on a tab above that interests you, then clicking on an image for more detailed pictures and video links.


Sparky is my first attempt at making a fluted plastic Electric boat, plus you can lay down in it. Check it out!


This is Derrick's Coroplast bicycle camper. Based (loosely) on my air stream shaped camper, Derrick came up with a unique and useful home away from home that he can tow with his bicycle.


I love the Peel 50 idea. It was perfect for going short distance on the cheap, but I've always felt it needed a fourth wheel to be safe.


Don't forget to check out my 'Misc.' tab. There, you'll see numerous off-beat Do-it-yourself projects I made like the 'Busy Box', that helps little whipper snappers, like my grandson, with hand coordination.