Welcome to my website. This is a showcase of over 75 projects of mine. Some of the better ideas I've made build plans. If you buy a plan I encourage you to send me pictures and I'll include them under 'Your Creations'

Nomad Bicycle Camper

I used recycled fluted plastic signs, cheap wood and a bicycle for this home on wheels.

Coro box boat

What's 30 pounds, including motor, and goes 6 hours on a gallon of gas?

Mouse trap car

Here is my long distance creaping car, designed to go over 150 feet.

Pedal Car

Fashioned after the Mochet WWII French pedal car. It's a hoot to ride!

Recumbent Scooter

Who says you have to stand up?

Click on any of the above tabs then on the image for more detail. There's lots to see here, so kick back, relax and enjoy your stay!


A friend of mine has a BIG German Shepherd named Max. I wanted to make a BIG doghouse, so I used max as my model. It's a MAXIMUM size doghouse using 2 sheets of coroplast and some cable ties. So if you're wanting a beginning coroplast project,this is it. Plans are now available.


This is Derrick's Coroplast bicycle camper. Based (loosely) on my air stream shaped camper, Derrick came up with a unique and useful home away from home that he can tow with his bicycle.


I like the idea of a 12" long by 7 foot wide Hillbilly camper. Check it out!


Don't forget to check out my 'Misc.' tab. There, you'll see numerous off-beat Do-it-yourself projects I made like the 'Busy Box', that helps little whipper snappers, like my grandson, with hand coordination.