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Ever since I can remember my hobby has been doodling with a new idea, and sometimes making said idea. Here at ElkinsDIY I try to share with you some of these creations.

Homeless Emergency Shelter

A simple no frame fluted plastic multi-purpose shelter.

Hardley Davidson

Illegal as hell, but fun to ride!

Burningman shelters and transportation

Going far and staying cool at Burningman!

Wooden Electric Boat

For a relaxing day on the water...

Gnome home

Change your stump into a Gnome home!

Click on any of the above tabs then on the image for more detail. There's lots to see here, so kick back, relax and enjoy your stay!

Latest Project:

My Nomad bicycle camper is finally finished!

YOUR CREATIONS: 'Casper' the friendly boat.

I've heard from many female Do-it-yourself makers. This in from Angela who resides in Hawaii. She calls her new boat "Casper'. I love the spotlight!


Not all of my ideas make it off the drawing board. Most of them don't, but end up getting stored in a drawing book or hanging out somewhere in cyber space. Here I will try to share some of these ideas. I have yet to make this category, as it will be long and tedious to make, but stay tuned, stay tuned...


Don't forget to check out my 'Misc.' tab. There, you will see numerous off-beat Do-it-yourself projects, like this simple way to compact sand for detailed sand sculpting!