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Hardley Davidson

Burningman Pedal Car

Wooden Electric Boat

LATEST PROJECT: RatRod Reverse Trike

This is my latest project. It started as a high mileage trike that I've been promising to build for the last 30 years, but I've changed the design to match my current interests, IE rat rods and simple builds. Click the tab 'Latest Project' for photos and discussion on my thinking, or go to 'Paul Elkins Youtube' to watch the build and see many more of my other projects.

YOUR PROJECTS: Micro Corokayak' from Tyson Gale

Tyson made a scaled down version of the Corokayak for a class project. The boat had to float 100 pennies. Tyson's boat held 400 pennies! Nice job Tyson! Check out this boat and projects from others who've sent in pictures under the tab 'Your Creations'.