DIY willow furniture

I’ve always wanted to try out my hand at making willow or rustic furniture. This first piece was made with green cotton wood starts. The table is a pine laminated board remnant.

  I never did glue the ends or seal the branches, but I still use it and it’s holding up well.

This second piece was made from dried out plum tree branches. I glued the ends and sealed the branches and table top with  polyurethane using a disposable bristle brush.

  It looks a lot better with the poly coat. This one is my favorite.

   This is my third piece. It looks more like the giant creature from the War-of-the-Worlds movie. It’s not real functional, but I still like it.



I used plug cutters to make branch end tenons. To make them work I had to twirl the branch end on my disk sander until they were a bit smaller size than the inside diameter of the bit.  After boring the branch end I cut off the excess with a utility knife. When I retire I may purchase the right tools and experiment some more. It’s an economical, fun and relatively safe way to make functional furniture.


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