Latest Project

What I saw in this drawing was an alternative design. One that better suited my current likes and abilities. I followed the base and upper bar lines and saw the resemblance of the early Bob tail simplified race cars, and the narrowed model ‘T’ dry lakebed racers. I love this look. It’s simple, rat rodish and something completely different.

So I started playing around with this alternative design. I even went as far as bending the base and upper frame bars and creating another mock-up, when after further review of the drawing I had a sudden change of heart and a big smile on my face.
For several months I had been fretting making this high mileage vehicle. I was delving into construction techniques that I’ve never done. Dealing with fiberglass, and making doors and windshields that hold back water. Those are hard things to accomplish even for the seasoned builder!

Several years ago I purchased a 1981 Yamaha sr185 with the intent to build a high mileage teardrop trike. This was my final rendition of the design, but as the mock-up process began I realized the rear engine design had limitations I wasn’t previously aware of.

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