DIY backpack

When designing this pack I was targeting college students who often carry many heavy text books.

After testing it out it did indeed held a ton of books, but after adding a water bottle holder and a rear pocket, another pocket was added including lots of bungee cords. This morphed the pack into a near full fledged hiking pack.

If I were to make another back pack I’d make it longer at the bottom so I could attach a waist strap to relieve the load on my shoulders.



I added my old Japanese hand saw. This 7 ounce flexible stainless steel pull saw can cut down big branches, can be used as a machete or an instant weapon against predators.  It also looks bad ass  :)

I attached a small solar/wind-up flash light to the tent bungee for night hiking.

 A simple velcro strap holds my sunglasses to the side pocket.

I currently have no plans for this pack, but the savvy builder will take a long gander at these pictures, play with some scrap cardboard and come up with their own design.



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