Somersault Wheel


This is ‘The Wheel’ as I like to call it.  The only moving part is the seat belt clasp. It’s basically a 4′ diameter circle jigsawed out from a half sheet of 3/4″ plywood. The edges were routered smooth and a 1.25″ split rubber hose was used for the tread. It was screwed down every foot with a drywall screw. For the seat I used a piece of 1/4″ plastic sheeting held to the plywood using six shelf brackets. 3/4″ thick dense foam was attached to the plastic using double backed tape. An old lap seat belt was bolted on to hold the rider in. I took it to Burningman one year to let people give it a try. If they were to do two revolutions in a row I let them sign the wheel. Most were able to do this on the second try.
One guy did 14 revolutions on his second try, tying my record, while another cute young cocky lady jumped on the seat and took a roll before I had a chance to say ‘Buckle up!!’   She did a half revolution, then fell straight on her head.   OUCH!!

Disclaimer: If you decide to make the wheel from these simple instructions, use it at your own risk. IE don’t try to sue me for broken collar bones or death to the rider. I recommend using it on a flat grassy surface, like the outfield area of a baseball diamond. Do not use it down a steep hill or road. That would be stupid.

Summersault WheelFirst you buckle the seat belt, grab the handle and take a few steps forward…

Summersault WheelBring your head in, center your body and do a somersault.

Summersault WheelIf you still feel in balance, continue by pushing off with your feet. If you manage to do 15 consecutive rolls before tipping over then CONGRATULATIONS! You have beaten my record!

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