Coroplast Tipi


My first shelter of this design was made with foam board insulation and served as our bedroom for a week at the Burningman art festival in 2011.

The CorotipiI really liked the design lay-out, and  decided to experiment using Fluted plastic.

Made with 4 sheets of fluted plastic and tapeIt uses four sheets of 4×8 foot material. I had two sheets of white and yellow at the time, so I went with the carnival look by alternating the colors. UV protected Duct tape was used for the outside, while yellow duct tape was used on the inside.

Sleeps two with room to spare on the sidesA octagonal cut blue tarp serves as the drop cloth. The shelter measures 8-1/2 feet across. There’s room for two people to lay down in  and plenty of storage space on the sides.

Room to stand up inThere’s plenty of room also to stand up inside.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA hole was cut for the 12″ acrylic hemisphere bubble window  I found at a party store. Twenty four grommets were also installed on the 3″ lips to hold the structure down.

IMG_3617The window cut out was used for the top piece. Once attached it’s surprising how well this helps to stiffen the structure.
Because it is much easier to attach the cap from the inside, a rain cap had to be added to prevent rain from getting in. Here I used a dollar store party tray as the rain cap, and an eye bolt to join the two pieces together. The eye-hook is used to hang a battery powered lantern.


This is a double layer door using the scrap pieces from the pie panels to create the tipi image you see. White duct tape is used for a rain lip around the door edges.

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