Andrew’s boat

This is Andrew Jones, the ‘Artistic Brit’

A while back Andrew stumbled onto my video showing me putting around on lake Union with my electric boat Little Miss Sally. This inspired him to build an electric boat of his own design.

Never having built a boat before, he spent many hours studying boat building techniques and other boat designs, similar to what I had done, and came up with this gem.

As a school art teacher, Andrew was on summer break. He was well along on the build when he decided to quickly finish the boat and drive all the way from New Jersey to Seattle (3000 miles away) to make his maiden voyage with me on lake Union! To meet the deadline, Andrew spent many tireless long hours jacked up on caffeine and determination to finish the boat. As most first builds go several thing went South. Due to electrical issues, what was originally going to be an 82 lb thrust motor for power and a 24 volt system, ended up being a 30 lb thrust 12 volt system. At least I was able to keep up with himĀ  :)

When we arrived in Seattle the clouds parted and the sun came out. Needless to say, Andrew and I had a wonderful time waving to fellow boaters and exploring the many house boat water alley ways.

Andrew is a meticulous and wonderful craftsman, and a true inspiration to all showing desire, determination and LOTS of hard work can yield something as unique and beautiful as this lovely boat.

Andrew has a great website too, where he shows in detail the build of his boat, plus many other interesting things. Check it out!


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