Tim’s micro airstream bicycle camper

  Tim Trout sent these pictures in of his new Nomad camper.

Tim wrote:

‘Here are some pictures of the finished camper. I painted it an aluminum color trying to make it look like an airstream. Built the frame with the wheels more toward the rear.  I put some extra support in the frame where you lay. I also came up with different front leg supports. Also used a tow hitch found being thrown out. Still need to install a window and a rear storage box. All in all I think it came out good. My trip starts March 17th, 2017′

It looks like Tim chose foil tap to cover the seams.

  Instead of safety tape Tim painted his stripes on.

  Looks good! I also like the rear light sitting on top. I believe it’s a brake/turn signal combination.

  The red disk is part of an electric hub motor. Very handy for hill climbing.

 For the sky light he used an old cookie tin with Lexan.

 For the floor he used cheap interlocking floor mats from harbor freight.

Looks good Tim. I hope you keep us updated on your trip!

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