Foam board pyramid

Tom ONeill

This sent in by Tom ONeill.  Tom wrote:

Hi Paul
I just finished my Burningman structure using the plans you sent me last winter.  I still have some fine tuning to do but it came out great and has lots of room for two people. I plan to add a 12v swamp cooler to keep it comfortable.  It looks like it will be easy to transport in 3 pieces and I was able to assemble it without help. It’ll be a breeze with another person. Also added an optional Viking option for my friends in Camp Valhalla! Thanks for sharing the plans it is a very functional shelter and easy to build.
Cheers, Tom

Tom ONeill's foamboard shelter

After the Burn, I asked Tom how the shelter worked out. Tom wrote back:

Hi Paul

The shelter was fantastic. I was able to erect the shelter alone in 45 minutes, and it was very comfortable for two people. There were 3 yurts in camp which took 2 people an average of 1-2 hours to erect. I made a 5 gallon swamp cooler but used a 12v marine bilge in-line vent fan instead of a computer fan. It provided lots of air flow, up to 160 cfm. I regulated it with a 12v speed controller.

Saturday before the gates opened center camp recorded a guest of 62 mph with steady winds 40/45 mph most of the day.  I folded the ground tarp up 6″ around the bottom which sealed out the dust.

  I used 1/2″ plywood on the roof attaching it to the roof foam with eye bolts.  I used cargo straps and 24″ long 1/2″ re-bar for the stakes. It was rock solid in the wind.


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