Jim’s Coro Doghouse

 These pictures and letter sent from Jim. Here’s what he wrote:

A little background.

Was looking for a dog house for a neighbor. Home Depot only has 36″ x
72″ sheets. I pulled the arc tighter to avoid having to make a vent
(first time jitters) and it left about 10 inches overlap to cut from the
roof. Finished floor is about 24″ x 29″ inside. I cut a 3/8″ reflective
foil pad for the base and fit it before the roof. Tie wrapping it was
tedious, but the end result is surprisingly satisfying to this retired
Structural Engineer.

Oh, and it was fun to do, too.

James & Susan Gale
Roanoke, VA

 I asked Jim if the shelter fit his dog. Jim reported back, ‘Perfect fit. Still on the lookout for 4x8s for my friends Lab.’

Nicely done Jim.

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