Justin’s shelter


This sent in from Justin Ely.

Justin Ely

Justin Ely

Justin wrote:

‘Hello Paul,

Had an amazing burn. The yurt was a huge help. Unfortunately my phone died and I lost all my photos from the burn, including the pics of the yurt on the Playa. Here’s a picture of it in my backyard before I cut the door out.

It was nice being able to sleep in the day so I could go out at night. It wasn’t overly hot during the day where I needed to use the air conditioner. It was actually pretty cold and extremely windy and
┬ádusty this year. A lot of broken tents and shade structures. I was really scared for the yurt on the second bad wind storm. I ended up putting ‘T’ bars inside as reinforcement to keep the bigger walls from flex in. Unfortunately I built mine using 1″ foam board. If I build this yurt again I’ll probably use 2″ for the Bigger walls. A few times I had people pile in to avoid the wind. Overall it was a huge success and it made my burn a lot easier for me.’

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