Michelle Clemens foam board tipi

This in from Michelle Clemens. These pictures were taken at the 2014 burningman event

Michelle writes:

‘Here are a few pictures of my home at the burn! I had an amazing time and received SO many compliments on my tipi. I told many about your DIY ideas and everyone thought your design was fantastic. I’m so glad I searched a bit harder to find your design instead of going with the hexa yurt. Like I told you before someone in my camp in 2012 had your design and it was and still is the only one I’ve seen on the playa besides mine. The yurts are great and one year I’m keen to create a hexa yurt village with campmates but the tipi really was perfect for me space-wise, but especially easy solo set up (after a LONG drive). It even held up in the rain that Monday morning.

I forgot to take a picture of my “roof” but what I did was bought 3 large clear plastic party bowls. I drilled 3 small holes in the bottom of one and put 3 ropes through and knotted the top ends. I then put a bunch of glow in the dark stars and a little metal “man” someone gifted me a couple of years ago inside and then glued another party bowl on top. I put this sphere on top of the tipi. I took the third bowl and drilled 3 holes just below the rim and attached it to the ropes hanging from the sphere to make a (fruit) basket and place to put stuff I really didn’t want to be looking for in the dark. Somehow I lost and found everything I owned in that tipi multiple times in the span of 10 days.

Thanks again for the design!


Looks good Michelle, and thanks for sending the pictures!


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