Mike’s Coro Tipi


This sent in from Mike G.

Mike wrote:

‘I finished the teepee today.  Good plans, I had minimal issues. Well worth the money to not have to figure out the measurements.’

‘I could not get colored Coroplast, but I got 10 sheets from Home Depot for about $10/sheet, so I used red tape for contrast.’

‘My lessons learned:’

‘If doing it over, I would not cut the tops until I had it taped together.  When I got it taped up and assembled, the tops were not even,
so I laid it out flat and cut the top round.  Made it much cleaner, but the top was then too big for any plates I could find. I ended up making
the top from an additional piece of coroplast, using the window cutout as reinforcement.’

‘I used construction adhesive to laminate the door and the top piece. I found HVAC interior/exterior duct tape at Home Depot – WAY more robust than the Walmart stuff.’

‘I live in a small town, and I could not find a window bowl like yours.’

‘My wife gave me one with a flat bottom and it worked fine.’

  ‘Instead of punching the holes for the grommets, my soldering iron worked great.  All in all it was a fun project and the neighbors had to come and inspect it after I set it up.’

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